Spartan sandals

separateur la camarguaise botte cuir veritable botte gardiane beige

Leather spartan sandals
Made in France

Spartan sandals: combining style and local craftsmanship

Who hasn’t heard of the Spartans? These iconic sandals, inspired by the shoes worn by Spartan warriors in ancient Greece, are a timeless summer essential. Much more than just a shoe, they symbolise a history, a tradition and a know-how.

To make our spartan shoes, we carefully select the most appropriate leathers for each purpose. We prefer vegetable-tanned collars, which are incomparably supple and hard-wearing, or full-grain cowhide, renowned for its softness and elegance. The first layer of leather, the part in contact with the arch of the foot, is made from 2.5mm thick vegetable collar for optimum comfort.

Leather is a living material, which does not receive pigmentation in the same way. This may explain the variations in colour, which are the result of handcrafted production and the selection of top-quality leather.

Our spartan sandals, for both men and women, are handcrafted in our workshops with passion and attention to detail. Each pair is unique, a reflection of the wearer. They reflect a lifestyle, a relaxed elegance and a French art de vivre.

When you choose spartan shoes, you’re not just choosing a sandal. We choose French know-how, we choose quality, we choose authenticity.

Women’s spartan sandals

Men’s spartan sandals

The Spartan, a must-have

Spartan sandals were attributed to Spartan soldiers for their simplicity, durability and comfort. Today, these timeless sandals continue to win over fans the world over.

The designers at La Camarguaise continue this heritage by handcrafting original, comfortable and durable spartan shoes. Since 1983, we’ve been designing sandals with the same passion that have won over the feet of thousands of enthusiasts.

Discover our collection of Spartan sandals, combining comfort, elegance and durability. Our collections evolve every year, while preserving the essence of this age-old, durable shoe.

Spartiates sandals, French expertise at your feet

Each pair is handcrafted by our artisan shoemakers, who pay meticulous attention to every detail to create unique, long-lasting sandals.

Our spartan sandals are designed for optimum comfort and excellent foot support. We carefully select materials for their quality and durability. Our sandals are ergonomically designed to fit your feet perfectly.

Whether you’re strolling along the beaches of the Mediterranean or exploring the bustling streets of a city, dare to be elegant and set your feet free. Spartan shoes can be combined with a whole host of styles and occasions!

Here are a few ideas, both simple and ambitious:

  1. Casual wear: team your spartan shoes with denim shorts or jeans, a T-shirt and a cap for a relaxed, summery look.
  2. Bohemian outfit: spartan sandals are perfect for a bohemian look. For HER: pair with a long, flowing dress, ethnic jewellery and a straw hat.
    For HIM: spartan shoes, chino trousers and a linen shirt are the perfect combination of comfort and originality.
  3. Chic outfit: team your spartan shoes with a midi dress, blazer and elegant handbag for a sophisticated look.
  4. Beachwear: spartan shoes are ideal for the beach. You can wear them with a swimming costume, a sarong and a hat with a wide veil.
  5. Evening wear: for a summer evening, you can wear Spartan sandals with a short, light dress, costume jewellery and a clutch.