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Men's shoes : boots, camarguaises, moccasins, sandals

To choose the right shoes, you need good materials and a design that suits your style. Most consumers think that men don't have as much choice in footwear as women. However, there are many models of men's shoes on the market today, both for summer and winter.

Men's shoes : boots, camarguaises, moccasins, sandals

La Camarguaise,
synonymous with quality

To support this argument with examples, it is appropriate to present the gardian boots for men from La Camarguaise. These are branded shoes made by professionals, particularly by craftsmen, and are highly appreciated by consumers. Often considered as high end footwear, gardianes boots come in several models, mentioning only the men’s boots, men’s ankle boots, men’s mid-length boots and men’s long boots.

Most Camargue boots for men are made of natural suede leather and also have leather soles. They are hand sewn by craftsmen and the fitting is truly personalised. What makes them so special is the fact that their insole has a horizontal, invisible welt seam. The outsole also has a vertical stitch.

Indian moccasins

To continue, we should also look at Indian moccasins. These are also suggested in different models, but in general their upper is made of cognac leather and their insole is made of full grain cowhide, i.e. micro-cellular.

You can find a little eagle, some poissé thread and long thin fringes on the instep of these shoes. And it is mainly these elements that will guarantee your comfort, while defining the Indian style and the particularities of the moccasin. Note that the colours available for this type of shoe are brown, grey and black.

Leather sandals

Finally, men’s sandals are very practical and aesthetically pleasing because they are made of leather, especially vegetable-tanned collars or full grain leather. These sandals are equipped with micro-cellular soles and are very hard wearing.

As open shoes, you can wear them in the warmer seasons. Alternatively, you can wear them every day at home so that you are comfortable at any time of the day. You’ll see that your little toe won’t stick out of your sandals, the front of your feet will be well supported and the back will be well supported by a small heel.