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Women's shoes

Are you a fan of Camargue shoes? The La Camarguaise online shop will please you because there are boots, ankle boots, Indian moccasins and leather sandals handmade by real craftsmen and specially designed to last and offer incomparable comfort.

Women's shoes

La Camarguaise,
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The women’s gardian boots are classics thanks to the fineness of their stitching. Not to mention the transparency of their full-grain leather, which adds a touch of colour. Finally, you should know that the heel of these boots is excellent for walking as it measures only 2.5 cm and you can move your feet as you wish because their shaft does not exceed the malleolus.

The particularities of Camargue boots

First of all, we would like to introduce you to the gardian boot made of natural suede leather with a leather sole. Thanks to a Goodyear stitching, the assembly of this one is classified top-of-the-range. And you can be completely satisfied with it because its inimitable style makes it a timeless model. This gardian boot has a leather strip connecting the front and back elements of the upper. Added to this, a wear pad is also placed on its sole to reinforce its comfort.

To go back to Goodyear stitching, it should be noted that this type of assembly is based on the use of a welt, i.e. a piece of leather sewn to the upper part of the shoe or the upper. Unlike the petit point seam on the outsole of the gardian boot, the welt seam is horizontal and invisible.

The quality of Camargue boots and sandals for women

As far as the women’s Camargue boots are concerned, it is important to note that they offer elegance and refinement thanks to the quality of the leather and the stitching. They also have an inlaid wear pad in the leather sole and on part of the heel, and their side elastic band hidden by a V-shaped leather window guarantees comfort and ease of slip-on.

Finally, it is important to mention the Camargue sandals for women. These are made of leather, particularly vegetable-tanned leather or full-grain leather, and are equipped with a highly wear-resistant micro-cellular sole.
They are summer shoes or open shoes that fit well with any body type. And to top it all off, you can wear them anywhere you go because they are suitable for all types of terrain and all types of occasions.