Shoe repair

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How to properly maintain
your Camarguaises ?

Leather shoes need to be cared for regularly in order to last a long time. In fact, it is mainly the leather that needs to be cleaned, nourished and softened if it is to have a unique and special shine. Therefore, it is important to invest in leather accessories and cleaning products to properly maintain these shoes.
Here is some expert advice on the subject !

Tips and tricks
on leather care

• As far as cleaning products for leather shoes are concerned, the first step is to use a waterproofing stain remover to make them waterproof. Then wipe them with a dry cloth before rubbing them with wax. It should be noted here that the colour of the wax should be similar to the colour of the shoe leather.

• Then don’t forget to wax the soles and the heel as well. La Camarguaise recommends using Saphir’s universal creams or care for oily leather for leather care.

• It is also advisable never to store wet or dirty leather shoes without cleaning and airing them, as this can cause them to deteriorate quickly.

• Finally, if leather shoes are not to be worn for some time, it is best to store them in a cool place while stuffing them with paper or a shoe tree so that they do not warp.

The advantages of
the use of a shoehorn

The first accessory that wearers of leather shoes and especially boots must have is the shoehorn. As the name suggests, it is used to put on shoes easily and it promises great ease of movement without the risk of damaging the buttresses.
Normally, this accessory should be chosen according to the shape of the wearer’s feet and according to its rigidity, but it is especially important to select it according to its material. In general, there are small and large shoehorns and they are either made of wood, metal or leather.

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