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Leather sandals,
handcrafted in La Camarguaise

Timeless and essential shoe for the summer. Tropézienne, Cothurne or Spartan, the choice is yours. Our Camargue sandals are made from full grain cowhide, which makes them very comfortable and durable. Designed by us using our family know-how and assembled by hand in a French artisanal workshop, our Camargue sandals are known for their simple yet elegant design, with criss-cross straps on the top of the foot and a thick, durable microcellular sole. These sandals are perfect for those hot summer days. They are available in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit all styles and preferences.

Leather sandals,
handcrafted in La Camarguaise

La Camarguaise,
synonymous with quality

It’s hard to part with our sandals when they last more than 5 years!

Nothing is left to chance, the leathers of the upper and the insole (where the foot rests) are chosen meticulously. The leather is selected according to its strength (thickness), suppleness and resistance.

We use full grain leather with triple vegetable tanning or vegetable collar.

The sole is made of wear-resistant micro-cellular.

All you have to do is make your choice.