El Lobo Indian moccasins

Bird Taupe

Indian moccasin hand-stitched in taupe leather. The micro-cellular sole is glued and stitched.

foot length (in cm) 2

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Our EL LOBO loafers are comfortable and light, casual or offbeat depending on what you wear. The Bird is a sober and pure moccasin.
The American Indians used to take an animal skin, put their foot on it, cut it to obtain the sole and then assemble the sole with the leather of the upper by sewing with buffalo tendons. With the EL LOBO range from LA CAMARGUAISE it is almost the same. The very resistant woven thread has replaced the buffalo sinew and a micro-cellular sole has been added for greater comfort. Thanks to this manufacturing process, it is possible to resole.

Leather is a living material that does not receive pigmentation in the same way, which may explain the variations in colour.

Tips and tricks
on leather care

Do not hesitate to waterproof* them to protect them. Brush off the dust and your EL LOBO moccasins will develop a patina over time. You can use the renovétine to revive the colour. If they get wet, nothing serious, just let them dry away from a heat source. For a grease stain, sprinkle with terre de Sommières. For a big stain or to clean them completely, use water and Marseille soap.
* Find all our care products in the maintenance tab.

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