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Our selection of La Camarguaise t-shirts

The t-shirt is a mythical garment that has lasted for decades. Thanks to its comfort, simplicity and aesthetics, it is an essential part of both men's and women's wardrobes. Moreover, it can be worn on almost any occasion, whether it is to stay at home, to go out on the town, to play sports or to attend a casual event. However, it should be noted that a poorly chosen shirt can detract from the wearer's appearance. Hence the interest of presenting in this article the main criteria for selecting a t-shirt.

Our selection of La Camarguaise t-shirts

La Camarguaise,
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The first criterion for selecting a t-shirt is its material. Cotton is ideal because it is a natural and breathable material that promises a perfectly acceptable aesthetic result. Apart from that, it is very easy to care for and it is also hydrophilic, i.e. it can absorb moisture effectively and is antistatic.

Check the various finishing points

The second criterion for selecting a T-shirt is the quality of its finish. Firstly, it is important to check that the stitching on the T-shirt is regular and that it does not fray. Secondly, you should also check that the lining is even and well placed to avoid any discomfort on the inside back of the collar.

Speaking of the collar, it should have a good fit and it should not fall off at the front when you try it on. Then you should also look at the stitching and the stability of the piece.

To continue, the size of the T-shirt should be chosen carefully. The shoulder seam should stop at the acromion. The collar should also stop at the base of the neck. The sleeves should stop around the middle of the biceps and the length of the piece should stop below the waist.

Focus on La Camarguaise t-shirts

Other criteria for choosing a t-shirt include its colour and design. The T-shirt is a piece that we are used to seeing in all shapes and shades, so there is no colour that is forbidden. In the case of a print, you need to look at a good printing technique.

As an illustration, one of the best t-shirts of the moment is the t-shirt proposed by La Camarguaise. It is a 100% cotton piece that comes in different colours and has motifs such as black bulls or grey Camargue crosses with a very high definition French hot-pressed print.