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Camargue shirts for men

The shirt is an essential piece of the male wardrobe. It is said that it adds maturity to men, but it is not really that. In fact, it is mainly a mark of elegance and the ultimate in men's formal wear. Usually, men are seen wearing this kind of clothing during weddings and big events, but it is also the best attire for going to work and attending an interview or a meeting. In this article, we will focus on men's camargue shirts, which are currently very trendy and are found in almost every online shop.

Camargue shirts for men

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La Camarguaise,
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Among the most popular Camarguaise shirts for men on the Internet today are: the classic shirt with fine coloured stripes, the shirt with plant motifs in grey tones, the shirt with orange motifs and blue inside sleeve and the shirt with coloured motifs.

Then, it should be noted that in the La Camarguaise shop, you will find on line the whole range of men’s shoes and in particular the gardian leather boots. And to top it all off, don’t forget that these traditional clothes are sold at reasonable prices.

Special features of Camargue shirts for men

The advantage of Camargue men’s shirts is that they are all made of cotton. As a result, they are easier to wash and iron and do not irritate the skin. It should be remembered that cotton is a very resistant natural fibre. It does not change over time and does not retain perspiration.

Apart from that, it is suitable for both summer and winter seasons and is available in different models: cotton poplin, pure cotton, Egyptian cotton, cotton voile and organic cotton.

The quality of gardian shirts for men

It should also be confirmed that Camargue shirts for men are quality products. Most of them come from the Camargue and they are generally handmade in order to mark the respect of tradition.

The main criteria that differentiate them from classic men’s shirts are: their weaving, their cut, the shape of their collar and their buttons. They are also distinguished by their colours and patterns.